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It is a group of companies that operate in different fields. Each company has its own independent and expert team in its field, ensuring the provision of the best quality for every service or product it offers. All of these companies are classified under the name of the parent company, FGİ Group, which was founded in early 2019 by ambitious young people who merged their experiences over the past years, collaborating to ensure the success of the company to achieve its goals of providing diverse services and products with high expertise and efficiency to provide the best quality. The company has developed over the years and gained additional experience. It has established specialized and expert cadres for each department that work effectively and with great effort to provide the best services and most enjoyable experiences. The number of its employees has reached more than 25 employees. It seeks to develop itself through the trust of customers and clients, as it is the basic principle of its work, and also through its expansion and opening branches in several different countries.

Address: Molla Gürani, Turgut Özal Millet Cd FERİHA AP NO: 64. Kat 2. 34093 Fatih/Istanbul

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